From Community Involvement to Social Performance Management

As language has kept changing and developing over the past decade, from philanthropy via Corporate Citizenship to Corporate Community Involvement, there is yet again a change to be noticed. Increasingly, the mining, oil and gas companies (e.g. Shell, e.g. BG Group) talk about Social Performance Management and develop their own Social Performance Standards. In their companies, Community Involvement is now part of overall Social Performance Management (the third line of the Triple Bottom Line). As they have been trendsetters before, it will be interesting to see whether their language will ‘go mainstream’ soon …

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Organisational Change Consultant, Coach and Trainer - focus on Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

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  1. Interesting post. I wonder whether companies don’t use CSR as window-dressing…when it is convenient for them. Hence I think the movement should not be a substitute for government regulation. I write about this at: th

  2. Thank you so much for your contribution! Yes, I can see your point about window dressing – and some companies might indeed conveniently use it that way. However, I think that if they do, it will backfire on them – stakeholders see through that very quickly. It is increasingly business essential for companies to be real about their responsibility and sustainability – for long-term business success. Read your blog and fully agree that ‘managerial mentality is significant’ – that’s what I work with as a consultant. Government regulation – also agree that voluntary constraint is often insufficient. Regulation isn’t talked about enough and should be discussed more, also in the context of bringing the ‘late majority’ around to sustainable behaviors that have become a no-brainer for the small cohort of leading, visionary companies.

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