Season’s Greetings

Dear  clients and colleagues,
It’s the end of a turbulent and unsettling year – and we all ask ourselves “Will this situation continue into 2010, with each of us facing a mix of uncertainty and hope?” The global financial crisis – when will it be over? What will the world need to look like after it? And how can each of us contribute?
In November, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, announced he’d go on a 24-hour hunger strike to raise awareness that one in seven of each of us in the world face starvation. For those, what will their season’s celebrations look like, going to sleep hungry? And then there is climate change – how far are we from the ‘tipping point’, after which any change we will try to make will simply be too late?
You might agree that being patient and hoping that somebody else will take care of all these things for us will no longer be enough … Working with Sustainability and Change, I cannot help noticing the urgency of each of us feeling personally co-responsible and each of us taking personal action.
Many of us tend to celebrate this season because more than 2000 years ago, a caring changemaker was born who took personal responsibility. Most of us admire changemakers like Ghandhi and Mandela. The Nobel Peace Prize committee awarded this year’s prize to President Obama for the spirit he carries into the world and his willingness to effect change.
All of these people are/were regular human beings, only with a serious dose of awareness, energy, courage and commitment. And that’s where the hope lies – in responsible citizens around the world taking action, out of a passion for caring about each other and the world. I know you will be doing something, taking an active role, rather than letting the world’s events just wash over you. And I would love to hear from you about that – post your comment here about what you do, in your life or on behalf of your organization.
We are each a part of all of this. Each of us can make choices, and together, we have achieved so much already. In this spirit, I do wish you a few quiet, restful and reflective days with your loved ones at the end of the year, and then a new year 2010 full of opportunities, for you and your nearest and dearest to prosper and experience personal happiness, and for all of us together to engage, contribute, and turn things around!
Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year!

Published by scheubel

Organisational Change Consultant, Coach and Trainer - focus on Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

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