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Small inventions can make a huge difference to society

February 17, 2010

I am so impressed by this that I would like to share it on my blog:

Just Milk nipple shield prevents transmission of HIV/AIDS between mother and child – and adds important nutrients. Have a look at this:


Pre-order our new book ‘Corporate Community Involvement’ now at 30% discount!

February 12, 2010

Dear all,
if you’d like to benefit from a 30% discount, our publisher Greenleaf has already made it possible for you to pre-order our book at that reduced price. You can pre-order here:

Co-facilitating session at Boston College conference in April

February 11, 2010

Will be co-facilitating a breakout session at Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship’s annual conference 11-13 April in Boston (, together with Billy Brittingham, BCCCC Assistant Director, Executive Education.

Topic of the session:
Corporate Community Involvement: At a Value Crossroads?
Despite great progress over the past 20 years, many Community Involvement departments continue to tell the Boston College Center they suffer from a credibility gap. While its value is clear to those who manage Community Involvement, it is not well known or understood by the rest of the organization. In contrast, we are seeing the value of green initiatives being enthusiastically embraced and understood by the entire company. What’s going on here? And what can we do about it? Recent Center research spearheaded by the Community Involvement Leadership Roundtable points to three things that may help: 1) focus Community Involvement strategy and put value at the heart of program design; 2) demonstrate the value of your work through effective evaluation and measurement; and 3) communicate more effectively about Community Involvement, both inside and outside the company. In this interactive session we’ll consider the challenges Community Involvement practitioners face and discuss potential implications and solutions.

Advance endorsements for our upcoming book

February 10, 2010

We’re honoured to have received a number of very complimentary advance endorsements for our upcoming book ‘Corporate Community Involvement: The Definitive Guide’.

Here are a few:

Philip Kotler, Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of Management:
“The authors are to be congratulated. I can’t imagine a better guidebook for any company that plans to enter or improve its community relations.”

Brad Googins, Executive Director, Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship:
“It is refreshing to pick up a book in the corporate citizenship and responsibility field that reflects the wisdom and battle scars of practitioners who have drawn on their on-the-ground experiences to create a manual as much as a book. For those wanting to know how to drive corporate citizenship and community involvement from the ground up, from inside out and outside in, this is a book you want by your side – not on the bookshelf. This is a very useful and practical guide to the challenges that all companies face today in engaging with their key stakeholders and communities who are increasingly critical for achieving business success. Lakin and Scheubel have succeeded wonderfully in bringing all of the essential elements in community engagement into one very readable and hands-on book that any company attempting to reset their corporate citizenship will find immediately and essentially useful.”

Sir David Bell, Chairman, Financial Times Group:
“This is an invaluable read for everyone interested in corporate Community Involvement. The authors have gathered together a wealth of helpful information in a single, highly readable space. It will be great for experts and newcomers alike.”

Jeff Hoffman, former Vice President, Worldwide Outreach, The Walt Disney Company:
“In this evolving world, business cannot afford to ignore the community around them. Healthy communities are critical for efficient operations, productive employees and a loyal consumer base. Business also has the opportunity to positively impact some of the most important issues facing society. This book is a must read for the business practitioner.”

Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, Secretary General, International Save the Children Alliance:
“There has been a lot of good rhetoric about corporate citizenship and multi stakeholder partnerships – but still too few examples of action. That’s why I really welcome this handbook – so timely – we really need to share practical experience and to be inspired by what’s working. I’m convinced working in partnerships is the key to better solutions for the future – and this book is a great tool to get started or to bring new life into already existing partnerships. Not a day too early…”

Marjorie Thompson, author of 1999 business bestseller ‘Brand Spirit’:
“A thorough and comprehensive, invaluable guide to help make your company a truly good corporate global citizen, written by authors who within a few years quietly and assiduously each built up a multi-country network—phenomenal!”

The book will be out in mid-March.