Attending Intl. Corporate Citizenship Conference in Boston, April 11-13

It’s been 5 years since I last attended the annual International Corporate Citizenship Conference in Boston. Thank you so much to Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship for inviting me! I got to introduce our book ‘Corporate Community Involvement: The Definitive Guide’ and got to co-facilitate a session. Saw familiar faces again (e.g. Billy Brittingham, Colleen Olphert, Chris Pinney, Angela Kang), met those who I had previously only heard on the phone (e.g. Eileen Blinstrub, Emily Weiner) and made wonderful new contacts (e.g. Phil Clawson, Greg Mangum). Also great fun to meet F2F with fellow Tweeters Chris Jarvis and Ashley Jablow. And I was grateful for the opportunity to thank Brad Googins personally for having so kindly and generously endorsed our book!

In terms of sessions, I enjoyed the breadth of content – there was something for those interested in philanthropy just as well as for those interested in social innovation and entrepreneurship. My personal favorite was Nate Garvis with his talk on ‘Naked Civics’ – one memorable quote: “The law now is the public conversation, building a culture, and that becomes the law.”

My special treat was a conversation with Phil Mirvis and his lovely wife Mary Jo Hatch, an organisational psychologist and an organisational theorist respectively. Wonderful new insights on underbounded and overbounded systems from Phil and reading recommendations on organisational identity from Mary Jo – both topics that I’m currently interested in as part of my ongoing learning around organisation consulting …

And then it was hilarious listening to Nadira Hira and her insights on Gen Y – it was great that she was so straightforwardly outspoken! And I found that a lot of the things Gen Yers expect and take for granted relationally is what I promote in my consulting as the new path for organisations to take. Hopefully, with Gen Y growing up, the whole approach will go inevitably mainstream: with a relaxed work culture, a relational approach, bottom-up participatory input, etc. Useful quote from her, equally regarding customers, stakeholders, employees: “Retention is impacted by building bonds.”

Finally, did I mention that the food was *incredible*?

For more, see the conference recap page here:

For those who could not buy our book at the bookseller’s table at the conference, given it was sold out so quickly, go to to buy with one click.

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