Global heads of citizenship for leading multinational companies have registered for Boston College course that I’ll facilitate

When we first came up with the idea, we were not sure how many people would register. Now, as Boston College tells me, they “have to fight people off” – there are more people wanting to register than they can offer seats on the program! And it’s great people – I look forward to meeting and working with them. Quite a few are the global heads of Community Involvement for leading multinational companies.

The program is the Community Involvement Leadership Academy, offering experienced Community Involvement practitioners additional, also experiential, training in leadership, change, influencing and persuasion, difficult stakeholder conversations, and social innovation.

The CI Leadership Academy is taking place November 8 to 12 at Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship. My co-facilitators will be two of the Center’s much-loved trainers, Ron Brown and Bea Boccalandro. Looking forward to working with them! Special treat: Three of Boston College’s top academic lecturers will each run a session. More on this soon …

If you’d like to read more, check out the Boston College website here:’s-educational-programs-latest-catalog-released/

Or get in touch with me!

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Organisational Change Consultant, Coach and Trainer - focus on Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

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