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Now available: My conference essay on The Future of Strategic Employee Volunteering

November 20, 2011

On November 28, a conference took place in Vienna, Austria on the future of strategic Employee Volunteering. This conference was part of a European Union series, on the occasion of 2011 being the European Union Year of Volunteering.

The ‘usual suspects’ were there – representatives of IBM and TNT, Bea Boccalandro, Chris Jarvis and – myself. You can have a look at the program (in German) here:
The conference then traveled on to Madrid and Budapest, and in 2012 it will still take place in Prague and Bratislava.

On the occasion of this series of conferences, a Global Corporate Volunteering Good Practice Case Book will be introduced to which I have contributed. It consists of 10 case studies from multinational companies, including IBM, GlaxoSmithKline and Volkswagen, as well as essays from international experts like Bea Boccalandro and Chris Jarvis. After having presented at the Vienna conference, I am now posting my own essay here: Understanding Permeable Boundaries_The Future of Strategic Employee Involvement_V Scheubel 2011. I argue for no longer creating a split between Employee Volunteering and Corporate Community Involvement, a split between sectors, and a split between company and society. I argue for competency-based secondments of employees towards innovative Corporate Community Involvement partnerships.

An abbreviated version (shorter case examples) will be published in the case book in April 2012. The casebook will be published in English, German and Spanish and will be available in digital format via its own website. You can already pre-order a free copy of this Global Corporate Volunteering Good Practice Case BookCasebook_Bestellkarte