Sustainability-focused theater play ‘Water’

It’s been a while since I saw it, yet it came to mind again, and I thought it deserved a short blog post: The sustainability-focused theater play ‘Water’, which was staged in London/England’s Tricycle Theatre.

“(The) piece begins with a lecture about the properties of water and how – like this uniquely gregarious molecule – the human race must pull together against its own nature in order to preserve the planet.
The interweaving plot strands that comprise the rest of the play make it clear that this will not happen: the cave diver who allows his competitive streak to isolate him; the couple forced apart by her career; the climate change conference undermined by self-interest; the irreconcilable half-brothers.“
From a review in TimeOut London, March 3-9, 2011

One text line in the play goes:
“We must be made to limit ourselves, however counterintuitive that may feel.”

The play is excellent and, although set in 1981, still feels timeless and acutely relevant – I wish it could be seen in more places!

Watch the trailer here

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