Assessing Outcomes and Assuring Impact from Learning and Development Investments

Last week Thursday I had the opportunity to attend an alumni event offered by my university: a lecture by Dr. Ellen Pruyne, Ed.D, formerly of Harvard and MIT. The lecture was all about ‘Assessing Outcomes and Assuring Impact from Learning and Development Investments’. Dr. Pruyne invited us to look at such assessment using the Kirkpatrick framework. […]

Engaging the whole organization around sustainability: It needs bringing CR and Change practitioners together!

About time for another blogpost – this one will be about CSR/Sustainability and change, and how practitioners from both sides need to work together. The urgency to write about this arose from attending the sustainability-focused Ashridge conference ‘Leading Organisations of Tomorrow’ ( last week. Attending the conference and engaging in many conversations with fellow practitioners made […]

Global heads of citizenship for leading multinational companies have registered for Boston College course that I’ll facilitate

When we first came up with the idea, we were not sure how many people would register. Now, as Boston College tells me, they “have to fight people off” – there are more people wanting to register than they can offer seats on the program! And it’s great people – I look forward to meeting […]

What do I mean by understanding diversity and offering mutuality?

These days, there is a lot of talk about diversity – and yet I still often feel like there is limited understanding of the notion. Diversity is about more than age or gender, cultural origin (I don’t like the notion of ‘race’, as I consider it a political concept) or religious background, sexual or political […]

Attending Intl. Corporate Citizenship Conference in Boston, April 11-13

It’s been 5 years since I last attended the annual International Corporate Citizenship Conference in Boston. Thank you so much to Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship for inviting me! I got to introduce our book ‘Corporate Community Involvement: The Definitive Guide’ and got to co-facilitate a session. Saw familiar faces again (e.g. Billy Brittingham, […]

New consulting partner: Darius M. Ghiai

I’m happy to share that I have started working together with Darius M. Ghiai, owner of Commitis ( – an excellent and experienced change consultant and leadership coach with a warm heart, passion for his work and for people, and deep human understanding. He can really help people and organisations grow. Together, we’ll next help […]