‚Being Right Is Not Enough‘ – How to Be a #Change Agent as an ‘Invisible Leader’

My then-client Nick Lakin and I wrote and published our Book ‘Corporate Community Involvement – The Definitive Guide’ for Greenleaf and Stanford University Press in 2009/2010. The final chapter was about how to instigate #change and #transformation inside the company towards sustainable business practice. We were honored to interview for that chapter Dr. Mark Wade, […]

Hot off the press: UN Global Compact International Yearbook 2012 – get my chapter here as free pdf

“This fourth edition of the Global Compact International Yearbook showcases many inspiring examples of businesses turning challenges into opportunity, leveraging their competencies, capacities and resources for the common good. I hope these diverse expressions of support for the UN’s global mission will inspire many more businesses to follow this path and bring corporate sustainability to […]

Contributing chapter to UN Global Compact Yearbook 2012

I was asked to contribute a chapter to the new UN Global Compact Yearbook 2012, to be published at the end of July. The chapter is titled ‘From Corporate Handouts to Corporate Partnerships’. Based on our book ‘Corporate Community Involvement: The Definitive Guide’ (see http://www.cciguide.com/), my contribution argues against mere corporate philanthropy and for truly involved, […]

Engaging stakeholders around the topic of sustainability

http://www.simply-communicate.com invited me to contribute to their online conversations, talking about the role corporate communicators have in the context of sustainability. My contribution engages with stakeholder expectations and their view of corporate performance, and with the opportunity for communications professionals to engage in stakeholder relationships (also through social media) and allow stakeholders to become sustainability […]

Our Book on Cambridge University’s Top 40 List

My co-author and I are happy and proud to find that our book ‘Corporate Community Involvement: The Definitive Guide to Maximizing Your Business’ Societal Engagement’ (www.cciguide.com) has made no. 7 on Cambridge University’s Top 40 Sustainability Books 2010 list: http://bit.ly/ft3MB2 We also find that with the Prince of Wales, Al Gore, Muhammad Yunus, Joseph Stiglitz, Nicholas […]

Excellent review of our CI handbook posted on CSR Wire

I’m so proud of the review Nick’s and my book ‘Corporate Community Involvement: The Definitive Guide’ has received from Elaine Cohen, published on CSR Wire just a few days ago! Excerpt: ‘With all the investment in CCI, wouldn’t you think companies would spend a little more time and energy actually planning their CCI program so […]

Btw, our book is out – and there’s an online discussion forum for it!

Dear all, since mid-March the book has been available in Europe, and since April 1st (no, not an April fool’s joke) in the US: Corporate Community Involvement – The Definitive Guide. You can get it through Amazon, and at Stanford University Press and at Greenleaf. Greenleaf will give you 20% off if you order directly […]

Pre-order our new book ‘Corporate Community Involvement’ now at 30% discount!

Dear all, if you’d like to benefit from a 30% discount, our publisher Greenleaf has already made it possible for you to pre-order our book at that reduced price. You can pre-order here: http://www.greenleaf-publishing.com/productdetail.kmod?productid=2945