Are you a ‘highly sensitive person‘? A little note to you

These days, there is a lot of talk about empathy – and indeed, for quite a few people it would be good to learn and develop their empathetic abilities more. Projects that focus on practicing empathy already with first-graders in school, whose brains still develop, are certainly good and useful. One example here is Roots […]

Watch short film / Kurzfilm ansehen: 21st Century Learning – Lernen im 21. Jahrhundert

English: The international education activist and creative consultant Patrick Newell lobbies for 21st Century model schooling. He generously gave the German rights for his film ’21st Century Learning’ to Education Y, the social profit organization I currently support part-time. Education Y made a short version of the film (15 min.), adapting it with some added German content. My […]

Sustainability-focused theater play ‘Water’

It’s been a while since I saw it, yet it came to mind again, and I thought it deserved a short blog post: The sustainability-focused theater play ‘Water’, which was staged in London/England’s Tricycle Theatre. “(The) piece begins with a lecture about the properties of water and how – like this uniquely gregarious molecule – […]

“Every injustice committed is a chip in the facade of what holds us together”

The quote is by Stephen Hawking. I just have to share here his opinion piece in the Washington Post of February 14, 2014, because it is so well and importantly worded. A MUST-read for all! He urges the international community, all of us, to end the war in Syria, and lobbies for a sense of […]

Season’s Greetings, with Thoughts on Transformation

Dear all, 2012, or MMXII, is a Sunday child – the year started on a Sunday. As the nursery rhyme goes, “the child that is born on the Sabbath day is bonny and blithe, and good and happy“. How did 2012 turn out for the world? And how was the year for you personally? The world is supposed to […]

Happy New Year!

This New Year’s Eve, we attended a party in the snow-covered hills of the Wittgensteiner Land in Germany. At midnight, spectacular fireworks over a snow field in front of the forest, accompanied by music. And they were serving champagne, hot punch, doughnuts and – sauerkraut! – outside. The sauerkraut is apparently a local custom for […]